Tina Flaversham is one of the members of the Baker Street Family. She is the older cousin of Olivia, Arden, Ursula, and Samantha, the younger twin sister of Timmy by two minutes, the niece of Hiram, Nathaniel, Charlotte, and the late Virginia, the daughter of Billy and Miriam, and the granddaughter of Malcolm and Kayley. She suffers from autism.


Tina was born with Timmy in 1888 to Miriam Flaversham (a schoolteacher) and her husband Billy (a bishop of a Catholic church). They didn't get along well, however. Timmy liked flirting with girls and making trouble while Tina liked shopping, arts, and crafts. Another thing that made the twins grow distant was that Tina was diagnosed with autism as a very small child.

After Timmy was put in the youth hostel, Tina lived with her parents, keeping her company. In August of 1897, when Timmy moved to Baker Street, Tina joined him on his journey.

Tina’s brain works differently than other mouselings’, but that stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Like Timmy, Tina is very persistent, but that doesn't end up being her weakness.

Tina is very peaceful and introspective, which is why she writes in her journal every day. Tina likes quiet places, where she can concentrate on what she's doing. She likes listening to classical music and that makes Basil very pleased, who is also very proud to be her violin teacher.

Tina likes going camping, designing fashion, taking pictures, coloring, sketching, painting, and drawing. She likes to paint abstract, portraits, landscape, and other stuff; she likes to draw caricatures of her family and friends; she likes to color pictures in her coloring books. When she grows up, she wants to be a fashion designer.

Tina is also very close to her brother and cousins, and has also become closer to Timmy than she was in the past.