"I say, let these Nazis kill each other, less work for the British and the Russians." said Aladdin, pushing his fork through his dinner, trying to scoop some.

"This time next month, we’ll be having our meals in freedom." said Tiana reassuringly.

"This is not a meal, this is garbage!" said Lahwhinie, dropping her knife and fork. "Your people could be doing more for us."

"Lahwhinie!" said Minnie Mouse, glaring at her. "How could you say something like that?"

"Have you ever thought about what would happen," Daisy Duck began. "...if Mickey got caught with one of your little packages from Shaka?"

"Don't you even begrudge my Shaka!" said Lahwhinie. "And you think, you’re the only lonely person in the world."

"Yes, those in glass houses." said Ronno. "What’s that suppose to mean?" Tiana asked him.

"This modern household of yours." Ronno replied. "It’s the same argument over and over again." said Tiana.

"Some people never learn." Lahwhinie said.

"You can afford to take some lessons too." Ronno told her. "You’re selfish, you’re hysterical, and you’re pushy!"

"I am not pushy!" Lahwhinie shouted back.

"As if Mom was some ideal mother, she can’t even control Pudge!" Ronno told her. Tiana glared at him.

"Wait a minute." Aladdin began. "It’s a wonder we-" Ronno said, but Aladdin cut him off. "Wait a minute!"

"Just please be quiet!" Pudge the Penguin said, putting down his knife and fork hard and getting up. "Sit down!" Aladdin shouted at Thumper.

"Will you stop telling me what to do!" Pudge shouted angrily. He stormed off into his room. Aladdin just sat with a shocked look, then hung his head in guilt.

"Somebody’s being a bad influence." said Lahwhinie rudely.

Daisy, insulted by Lahwhinie's comment, put his knife, fork and napkin down hard on the table, got up and left, shutting the door behind him hard. Straight after him, Minnie got up and left through the door as well.

In Danny's room, Minnie and Daisy came in, where Pudge was playing with his stuffed toy fish.

"I’m proud of you." said Daisy, resting his arm on Pudge's bedside.

"Well, I suppose I've just finally had enough." Pudge replied.

Pudge and Daisy started laughing.

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