Prince Oliver was horrified to find out Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard was running away to the Haunted House because she thought Eric yelled at her too much.

"Dad told us not to go there!" said Oliver. Gosalyn didn't listen. She pushed him out of the way and ran off in angry tears.

"Oliver, no! It's too dangerous!" said Plucky Duck, trying to keep Oliver from getting involved.

"She can't make it if she stays there. I'm bringing her back right now!" said Oliver.

"Go on, Oliver. I don't care what she thinks about us. Just bring her back!" Namine agreed.

Danny Darling was on Namine's side. "He can do it on his own. He's done it many times before."

Oliver set off for the Haunted House where Gosalyn was hiding and enters. There, to his horror, he found Gosalyn asleep, ignoring the monsters.

"Gosalyn! Wake up! He threw garlic at her head to wake her up.

Gosalyn screamed as she got hit by the garlic. "What just happened!?"

"Dad told us not to go into The Haunted House!" said Oliver sternly. "There are monsters like vampires, werewolves, bear beasts, mummies and dragons!"

"I told you not to come after me!" Gosalyn scowled. "I had to run off because he yells at me all the time!"

Vampire Gumball noticed them. "Hey! A human boy!"

"Let's get out of here!" cried Oliver. He put her on his shoulder and began to run.

"After them!" yelled Vampire Gumball.

Various monsters chased Oliver and Gosalyn until they ran out of the house. They immediately ran home.

When they made it back home, Oliver caught his breath and told Eric he saved Gosalyn for him. Eric was grateful to tell Aurora about it. "He did it! Oliver saved Gosalyn!" He turned and scowled at Gosalyn. "Gosalyn Sophie Waddlemeyer-Mallard Riverton, what were you thinking? You could have been turned into a monster!"

Gosalyn glared at him. "I don't care what you think of me! I had to run off to the Haunted House because you yell at me all the time!"

"Gosalyn, you have to learn to behave like Namine does." said Eric sternly. He turned to Oliver. "Oliver, thanks for saving Gosalyn."

Oliver shrugged. "It was nothing, Dad. She wasn't supposed to go there."

Namine and Danny were happy for Oliver. "Yay, Oliver!" said Namine. She rubbed his head.

"Good going, Oliver!" said Danny. They did the fist bump.

At 9:00 pm, Eric and Aurora were proud of Oliver for saving Gosalyn from the Haunted House. For doing so, he was rewarded. For his award, he was given fudge brownies. Oliver was happy. He hugged and kissed his mother and father and told them, "You're the best parents."