One afternoon, Pudge the Penguin was sitting outside, spinning a basketball on his finger. All was peaceful and quiet until a man wearing baggy jeans, a black sleeveless shirt and matching stocking cap stares at him. The man's name is Christopher Cameron. "You have my money, do you, kid?" "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." said Pudge. "You have my money for stout and Marlboros." "I don't know what you're talking about." said Pudge sternly. "You don't? Well..." Christopher took a photo out of his pocket and showed it to Pudge. "Does this ring a bell?" "That doesn't prove anything!" said Pudge. His older sisters Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck were hiding behind a bush watching Christopher Cameron testing Pudge on money that he didn't take from him. "I'm giving you fifteen seconds to answer. Where's my money, huh?" "I don't have any money!" Pudge shouted. Christopher Cameron took a knife and put it at his throat shouting, "WHERE IS MY MONEY, KID!?"

That got Minnie and Daisy to leap out of the bush to save Pudge. They took the knife out of Christopher Cameron's tight grip, take him by his arms and eventually, Pudge frees himself of his fists as Minnie and Daisy escorted Christopher Cameron to jail by themselves. When it was finished, they returned home, where Pudge was hiding under the porch chair in fear. They took him out gently and took him inside. 

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