One summer day, Michael Darling and his friends Danny Darling, Kenai, Taran, the Lost Boys, Buster Bunny, Donald Duck, Harvey Kinkle, Max Goof, Kitten Edmond, Prince Oliver, Riku, Jim Hawkins, Cody and John Darling walked down the street to the Farmers Market to browse the fruit displays. Everyone was nice to the kids.

Each of them picked a fruit. Michael picked an orange. Danny picked a pear. Kenai picked a lemon. Taran picked an apple. The Lost Boys picked some grapes. Buster picked an pineapple. Donald picked a banana. Harvey picked a lime. Max picked a couple cherries. Edmond picked a strawberry. Oliver picked a plum. Riku picked a few blueberries. Jim picked an apricot. Cody picked a kiwi and John picked a peach. They had a good time.

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