One day, Hugh Test and Lila Test took their sons Buster Bunny, Stitch and Johnny Test, their pet dog Dukey, and their daughters, Susan Test and Mary Test, to the movies. "Mom, Dad, what movie am I gonna see?" Mary asked.

"We are gonna see Bananas in Pajamas Singing Time." Hugh said. "But, Dad, I want to see Dr Finlay and the Monsters." Mary said. "I am sorry, Mary. But Dr Finlay and the Monsters is sold out." Lila told Mary. "Uh oh, Mary is going to get mad." Buster said. "NO, MOM!! I WANT TO SEE DR FINLAY AND THE MONSTERS!!!!! I WANT TO SEE IT!!!" Mary shouted.

"Oh dear, she is having a fit." Johnny said. "Yeah, Johnny. I never knew that she is a brat." Stitch told him. "So, you wanna screw me?" Mary said. "Go ahead, Mom! Screw me! Screw me, Dad! I want to see Dr. Finlay and the Monsters!" Susan gasped at Mary's bad behavior and Lila was losing patience.

"You are bugging your sister, Mary! Stop it now!" Lila told Mary. "Either you see Bananas in Pajamas Singing Time or you will be grounded." Hugh said.

"Dad and Mom, my sister is trying to upset me!" Susan said. "I had have it, Mom! You told me I want to see Dr. Finlay and the Monsters!"

Lila gasped. And then she got angry with Mary. "Mary, you know better than that!" She said.

Buster, Stitch, and Johnny were embarrassed, but Hugh was very angry at Mary.

"I am so embarrassed." Buster said.

"Me too." Stitch said.

"So am I." Johnny said.

"Maryke Vanessa Test!!" Hugh shouted.

"Oh my gosh." Dukey said.

When they got home, Hugh was angry. Horace N. Buggy and Kanga were having a conversation with Gil Nexdor.

"How did it go?" Kanga asked.

"Back so soon?" Gil asked.

"Did you have a great time?" Horace asked.

Susan told Horace and Kanga about what happened. "My sister was being stupid at the movies." She said. Johnny glared at her. "She had to see Bananas in Pajamas Singing Time, but she denied it."

"Yeah, Horace, Kanga. I knew how naughty Mary is." Dukey told them.

"I am not." Mary said. "Everyone is making this a big deal!"

"No more Henry's for you, Mary. You have to behave at the movies and see what is not sold out. Go to your room!"

Mary became very angry. She glared angrily at Hugh and told him, "You are as evil as Verminous Snaptrap!!" She then went to her bedroom crying and sobbing.

"Dad, if we go to Henry's tomorrow, can I come with Buster, Stitch and Gil?" Susan asked.

"Sure, Susan." Hugh said.

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