One Friday evening, Queen Lahwhinie and her friends Shanti, Jenny Foxworth, Lisa, Melody, Penny, Elmyra Duff, Anne Marie, Wave the Swallow, Candace Flynn, Mary Test, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard, Robyn Starling, Sunni Gummi, Pistol Pete, Princess Morbucks and Darla Dimple wanted to have a sleepover at their treehouse. Lahwhinie and her friends got changed into their pajamas.

Lahwhinie was wearing an indigo strapless nightgown. Shanti was wearing a white undershirt and a short skirt. Jenny was wearing a pink pajama shirt with rose-colored ruffles and matching pajama pants. Lisa was wearing a light blue T-shirt and blue pajama pants. Melody was wearing a white camisole, matching pantalettes, and a teal nightgown. Penny was wearing a yellow nightgown. Elmyra was wearing a pink nightgown with white lace. Anne Marie was wearing yellow footy pajamas with white lining. Wave was wearing a white tank top and matching boxer shorts. Candace was wearing a purple pajama top with dark matching pajama pants. Mary was wearing bright yellow pajamas with light blue moon symbols. Gosalyn was wearing a long-sleeved lavender pajama jacket with pink polka dots, matching pants, and white and pink socks. Robyn was wearing a light blue short-sleeved nightshirt with a white stripe on each sleeve. Sunni was wearing a jungle green nightgown, and Pistol was wearing yellow footy pajamas.

Tonight, they had fun by having a pillow fight, watching movies, playing video games, telling ghost stories, eating pizza and other snacks and making shadow puppets. They had a great time. Lahwhinie, Shanti, Jenny, Lisa, Melody, Penny, Elmyra, Anne Marie, Wave, Candace, Mary, Gosalyn, Robyn, Sunni, and Pistol fell asleep. They all fell asleep for the night.