One day, Lahwhinie and her friends Shanti, Jenny Foxworth, Lisa, Melody, Penny, Elmyra Duff, Anne Marie, Wave the Swallow, Candace Flynn, Mary Test, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard, Robyn Starling, Sunni Gummi, and Pistol Pete went to the playground to have some fun.

Lahwhinie, Shanti, and Jenny slid down the slide one by one. Candace, Mary, and Sunni rode on the merry-go-round while Robyn pushed them around in circles. Lisa, Melody, and Penny swung on the swings while Pistol hung upside down. Gosalyn climbed on the jungle gym while Anne Marie, Wave, and Elmyra swung on the monkey bars.

Just then, the ice cream man arrived. Lahwhinie had vanilla ice cream. Shanti had chocolate chip cookie dough. Jenny had mint chocolate chip. Lisa had cherry. Melody had peach. Penny had blue moon. Elmyra had grape. Anne Marie had cookies and cream. Wave had raspberry. Candace had mocha almond fudge. Mary had strawberry. Gosalyn had strawberry on top of vanilla. Robyn had chocolate and fudge. Sunni had rainbow swirls, and Pistol had chocolate. They had a great time. It was the best day they ever had.