Johnny: I Hate when my parents yell at me.

Boo Boo Bear: Yeah, me too.

Ronno: Let's Find a Place where we won't get yelled at.

Montana Max: Yeah, Like going to the haunted house.

Plucky: Uh, Monty, that Haunted House has monsters like Vampires, Werewolves, Bear Beasts, Mummies & Dragons.

Christopher Robin: Don't Worry. It will be a vactation on Halloween.

(Ranjan and His Friends Enter the Haunted House)

Lampwick: This is a bad thing to do.

Ranjan: Shhhh! Be very quiet! We don't want to meet any monsters.

Johnny Test: Well Camp in this room. What do guys say?

(Vampire Chowder Walks & Hums Upstairs to his room)

Vampire Chowder: What The- ?

(Vampire Chowder Sneaks into Vampire Kitty Softpaws's Room)

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Chowder, What are you doing in my room?

Vampire Chowder: There is a Gang of humans and animals in my room.

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Let me see.

(Vampire Kitty Softpaws Peaks into Chowder's Room)

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Watch and learn.

(Vampire Kitty Softpaws Scares the Boys)

Plucky: Look out Boys, Vampire Cats!

(Johnny and his Friends scream at the Vampire Cats)

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Let's Get 'em!!!

Ranjan: Run for your lives!

Vampire Chowder: This is Going to be Good!

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: That's My Little Brother!

(Vampire Chowder and Vampire Kitty Softpaws chase Johnny and his friends all around the haunted house)

Vampire Delilah: Kids, Supper!

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Coming!, Come on Chowder Let's have supper.

Vampire Chowder: So Mom, What's for supper?

Vampire Delilah: You kids are going to have pizza soup.

Vampire Gumball: So, What are you kids running around the haunted house for?

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Little Brother, Chowder told me there is a gang of humans and animals in his room.

Vampire Gumball: A gang of humans and animals? I Tell you what, after supper, show us the gang of humans and animals.

Vampire Chowder: We will.


Johnny: Coast clear.

Plucky: is it safe?

Lampwick: It's safe.

Ronno: As Long as we stay safe, we'll hide from these vampire cats.

Elroy: Sure, hope so.

Vampire Chowder: These are the humans and animals that camped in my room, Dad.

Vampire Gumball: They are so busted!

Montana Max: Guys, We've got company!

Christoper Robin: Uh-oh!

Vampire Delilah: Get them!

Johnny Test: Faster! They're Gaining on Us!

Vampire Gumball: Were getting closer!

Vampire Chowder: I Can't Wait to have their blood for dessert!

(Vampire Cat Family Chases Johnny and his Friends all around the haunted house)