• Minnie Mouse - Minerva Veronica Mouse Gibson
  • Alice - Alice Maryanne Pleasance Liddell
  • Wendy Darling - Wendy Moira Angela Darling
  • Princess Cholena - Cholena Kamaria Irene Watson
  • Olivia Flaversham - Olivia Emily Grace Flaversham Taylor
  • Lilo Pelekai - Lilo Alina Bridget Pelekai Smith
  • Kairi - Kairi Penelope Emma Sanchez
  • Amy Rose - Amy Rose Charlotte Hodnick
  • Tikal - Tikal Jeanette Elena Ward
  • Kilala Reno - Kilala Jessica Nicolette Reno Steilen
  • Susan Test - Susanna Samantha Test
  • Namine - Namine Louise Ann Riverton
  • Lola Bunny - Dolores Kathryn Bunny Fa
  • Saywer Cat - Sawyer Caroline Cat Adams
  • Rapunzel - Rapunzel Abigail Lucille Comeau
  • Anna - Anna Marie Ingrid Straud
  • Merida - Merida Robyn Lucy Connelly

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