One night, King Malcolm, Queen Arianna, Pistol Pete, and George Geef, Jr. were eating dinner in the dining room. They were having Greek omletes, which he hated!

George looked disgusted. "No, I'm not eating my dinner!" he said.

"But you have to eat your dinner, now eat." Arianna implored him.

George glared at her. "No! I want Chinese food, especially rice!"

"We are not having Chinese Food, especially rice, we are having Greek omletes, now eat it!" Malcolm lectured.

"No!" George shouted.

"Yes!" Malcolm snapped.


"Yes!" Arianna snapped too.


Now, it was Pistol's turn to get cross with her brother. "GJ, if you don't eat your Greek omletes, then you're going to have to give me all of your desserts for one full week!"

"You're all not being fair!"

George became very angry. He threw his dinner at the wall and it shattered to pieces the sizes of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Pistol gasped at this; however, Malcolm and Arianna were very angry at George, who was in big trouble with his mother and father. George was punished. He wasn't allowed to go to the ice cream parlor. George was very angry. He glared at Malcolm and Arianna and told them, "You two are as evil as the ringmaster!" He then went to his room in tears, where his real parents, George Geef, Sr. and Mrs. Geef were waiting for him.

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