In the living room, Eric glared at his daughter Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard. He was angry at her because she gave her bully Katherine Marat a bloody nose so that he ended up in bed looking up with tissues in his nose.

"You were not supposed to give Katherine Marat a nosebleed." Eric said.

"I don't care, Daddy. I did not start that fight. I had to get her back because she stole all my clothes and gave them to the merchant for bread." Gosalyn said.

"That doesn't matter, Gosalyn." Eric said. Prince Oliver and Danny Darling exchanged dark looks.

"I'm not in trouble, Daddy! Or am I?" Gosalyn asked.

"Yes you are, Gosalyn." Oliver said.

"That's right! Like he said!" Danny said.

"You heard them! You were not supposed to give Katherine Marat a nosebleed!" Eric said. "And because of it, you will be punished! Go to your room! You will not go to the carnival tonight!"

Gosalyn became very angry. She glared angrily at Eric and told him, "You are as evil as Negaduck!!" She went upstairs to her bedroom crying and sobbing.

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