One November 2, young Osgood Dawson watched on as his mother Mary gave birth to a young baby boy. After the difficult delivery, the child was cleaned up and given to his mother. An elated Mary, along with her husband Quincy, decided to name the child “David”.

As a child, David was different from his peers; he often ate more than two servings of lunch at school every day, plus he didn’t like to play around with the other kids. He was more interested in listening to his father’s stories about serving in Queen Mousetoria’s army. David was fascinated by the thought of gallantly fighting wars with Her Majesty’s brave men, and shortly after graduating from London Mouse College and Mouse London Military Academy, he signed up as a surgeon & major in the Queen’s 66th Regiment.

Dr. Dawson then spent the next score and nineteen years years fighting in the dangerous Afghan War, where life was much less than bearable. Somehow, Dawson managed to put up with it, until he was wounded in the shoulder by a Jezail bullet & forced to retire, with an honorable discharge and a Blue Heart medal.

In July of 1897, shortly after quitting the army, Dr. Dawson made his way to his home city of London, where he intended to celebrate Queen Mousetoria’s Diamond Jubilee. However, just as he was going to find a place to stay, he heard crying in a nearby alley. Dawson then came to the assistance of little Olivia Flaversham, whose father had just been kidnapped. Dr. Dawson took Olivia to Baker Street, where they sought further help from none other than Basil of Baker Street, the Great Mouse Detective, himself.

Dr. Dawson then went on the craziest adventure of his life, through toy stores, seedy riverfront pubs, and underground sewer lairs. After Olivia and her father Hiram were finally reunited the next night, Basil and Dr. Dawson then became crime-fighting partners, and soon, godfathers to the Flavershams, her cousins, Norman, his family, and an assortment of colorful characters. Nowadays, when he’s not spending time with his new family, Dr. Dawson can be seen going on cases with Basil and writing about them in his books.