[We see Bubbles8218 relaxing at her desk with her iPad, and 761954 looks at her.]

Bubbles8218: "Let me see what's on Fan Fiction Wikia."

[Bubbles8218 looks shocked]

[Cut to: She sees an article called "Bart and Lisa get married" on her iPad screen]

[Cut to: Bubbles8218 grows angry]

Bubbles8218: "Mark my words, BlueKraid! I will never think about what you are saying and let the sisters marrying brothers incident fly! That does it! I'm calling his father!"

[Bubbles8218 stands up and calls BlueKraid's dad on her cell phone]

Bubbles8218: "Hello? This is Bubbles8218 calling. You are not going like this. BlueKraid just put up an article called "Bart and Lisa get married" on Fan Fiction Wikia!"

BlueKraid's Dad: "He did WHAT?!?!?! He is going to be grounded for super duper tranquility! Thanks for calling me."

Bubbles8218: "Uh-huh. Bye."

[She hangs up]

761954: Well, Bubbles8218, I bet he will be in trouble. Let's give him a taste of his own medicine!

Bubbles8218: "Good thinking, 761954."

[One hour later]

[Cut to: Outside. BlueKraid's father is angry with BlueKraid for putting "Bart and Lisa get married" on Fan Fiction Wikia]

BlueKraid's father: "Okay BlueKraid! You have some visitors who want to talk to you!"

Bubbles8218: "Good day. My name is Wendy Hamton. Call me Bubbles8218. I heard you forced Julidizor2016 to put up an article on Fan Fiction Wikia called "Bart and Lisa get married". That's a terrible thing to do!"

761954: "My name is John Sturtridge. You call me 761954. I am Bubbles8218's friend. I demand that you stop spreading these piece of junk "Sisters Marry Brothers" articles to all the other wikis! They make me sick!"

Alana: "Hi there. My name is Alana Chambers. You insisted on saying I should marry Norman. I'm too young for him. I love Kay!"

Kay Frierson: "I am Kay Frierson. What you did wrong is stupid. Shame on you."

Jillian1234: "It is I, Jillian Johns. Just call me Jillian1234. Honestly, BlueKraid. I am so sick of you doing sisters marrying brothers."

Julidizor2016: "I am Anna. But you can call me Julidizor2016. I used to be referred to as 16judizor, Daviddizor, and Daviddizor1. You are such a terrible wikia fan."

Susan: "My name is Susan Test. You think my friend Olivia is five years old? Well, she is not. Her age was never mentioned in the film."

Gil: "I am Gil Nexdor. I hate you and your love couples with sisters marrying brothers."

Alice: "I am Alice. You are not allowed to insult good users and write curse words on every wiki!"

Arthur: "I'm Arthur Pendragon, AKA Wart. FoxXFoxeo is the ugliest couple that i ever heard. Fox should marry Skunk and Skunkette should marry Foxeo."

Wendy: "I'm Wendy Darling. You have no right to stop good users from editing, and you know it!"

Peter: "I am Peter Pan. You will never threaten good users ever again! Because if you do, then we will feed you to the wolves!"

Olivia: "I am Olivia Flaversham. Stop forcing Julidizor2016 to make sisters marrying brothers articles, you big, old, ugly rat!"

Norman Frierson: "My name is Norman Frierson. You are as bad as Justin Bieber and my mother, Phyllis!"

Lilo: "I'm Lilo Pelekai. BlueKraid, you know that Melody and Pinocchio are not to be married. Why? Because she should be with the merboy she met, Alex."

Keoni: "I'm Keoni Jameson. I am so mad at you for making a story about sisters marrying brothers."

Kairi: "My name is Kairi. BlueKraid, I heard you watched two episodes of "Batman Classic" and got silly. Shame on you!"

Sora: "I am Sora. You should not blame and threaten Bubbles8218. If you do, then you will watch Dr. Finlay's Casebook."

Amy: "I am Amy. Why do I need to marry Knuckles? I wasn't written that way! I should marry Sonic."

Sonic: "My name is Sonic. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, making an article titled "Goldie and Choo Choo get married"! You know that girlfriends marrying other boyfriends is wrong! And you know why? Because Goldie and Chanticleer need to get married while Sawyer marries Danny!"

Kilala: "I am Kilala Reno. I am sick and tired of you being so bossy to good users like 761954 and Bubbles8218!"

Rei: "It is I, Rei. I'm extremely furious at you for forcing Daviddizor making sisters marrying brothers articles!"

Namine: "It is I, Namine. I heard you did a story on Fan Fiction Wikia called "Fox Gets Grounded For Two Weeks". You know that Fox should marry Skunk."

Roxas: "Hello there. I am Roxas. Nobody insults good users. If you do, you will watch "The Lone Ranger," and if you ever bully my friends, I'm going to force you to watch "Stand By Me", and you will be saying goodbye to your rip off articles."

Lola Bunny: "I am Lola Bunny. Do you think that Minnie and her friends are troublemakers? No, they are not! Melody and Shanti are definitely troublemakers as well as Mowgli and Ranjan. They are troublemakers as well."

Bugs Bunny: "I am Bugs Bunny. You will wear diapers, booties, bonnets, and pajamas, you stupid jerk. You think Lola should marry Pepe! That's wrong! I should marry Lola!"

Rapunzel: "I am Rapunzel. Fox should not marry Foxeo. Do you know why? Because that's stupid. Fox should marry Skunk."

Flynn Rider: "My name is Flynn Rider, AKA, Eugene I am furious at you for making a grounded story out of Minnie and her Friends."

Anna: "My name is Anna. Princess Davidddizor has Sam and Ding A Ling being Namine's brothers. That's wrong."

Kristoff: "I am Kristoff. Not only are you banned from doing sisters marrying brothers, you are also banned from watching "Denver, The Last Dinosaur"!"

Merida: "I am Merida, first born descendant of Clan DunBroch. If you ever make a grounded story out of me or Minnie and her friends, I will force you to watch my movie, "Brave"."

Wreck it Ralph: "My name is Wreck it Ralph. I'm gonna wreck your sisters marrying brothers stories!"

Minnie: "I am Minnie Mouse. You are as evil as my ex, Mortimer Mouse. I am not to marry Danny. I love Mickey!"

Mickey: "I'm Mickey Mouse. You know that Anne Marie is not to marry Boo Boo. They are sister and brother and they can't marry each other. Anne Marie is to marry David."

Mary: "I am Mary Test. I will not let you make some sisters marrying brothers stories. I need to marry Jimmy. So I am not to marry Johnny."

Johnny: "My name is Johnny Test. I want to see a story called "Sissy Blakely and Johnny Test get married". I love Sissy."

Dot: I am Dot Warner. I heard that you watched "The PowerPuff Girls". How could you?"

Wakko: "I am Wakko Warner. What you think about Dot marrying me is wrong. Dot should marry Rocky."

Anne Marie: "Hi there. I am Anne Marie. You are so stupid making a story about me marrying Boo Boo Bear. I love David."

David: "My name is David. I hate sisters marrying brothers. If you make sisters marrying brothers one more time, then I will force you to watch "Battlefield Earth"."

Skunk: "My name is Skunk. If I ever see you making stories about me marrying Skunkette, I will sell your "Batman Classic" DVDs."

Fox: "I am Fox. You will not watch "The PowerPuff Girls The Complete Series" on DVD ever again!"

Sabrina Spellman: "My name is Sabrina Spellman. Sisters marrying brothers is worse than anti sisters marrying brothers. Now go and make that instead."

Harvey Kinkle: "Good day. I am Harvey Kinkle. FoxXSkunk is way better than you think. Do not do SkunketteXSkunk!"

Jenny: "My name is Jenny Foxworth. If you make a story about Harry Parker yelling at me, I will send you to Da Planet of Stupedigy."

Harry Parker: "I am Harry Parker. You will no longer watch "The Cisco Kid" instead of "Mystery Hunters"!"

Anais: "My name is Anais. Honestly, BlueKraid! When are you going to stop creating articles focusing on siblings marrying each other?"

Gumball: "I am Gumball. I heard you made a story about me and Darwin being Amy's brothers! I am not one of Amy's brothers!"

Dinah: "My name is Dinah. You are mean, stupid, and evil. Anais is my girlfriend. I should marry her."

Madison: "My name is Madison. I demand stories about me marrying Gumball. I love him!"

Sawyer: "Hi there. I am Sawyer. You know that Minnie should marry Mickey. I should marry Danny."

Danny: "My name is Danny Cat. I am so mad that you make sisters marrying brothers."

Judy: "I am Judy Hopps. You better not make grounded stories out of Minnie and her Friends. If you do, then you will no longer watch "The Lone Ranger"."

Nick: "It is I, Nick Wilde. Nobody should yell at 761954 and Bubbles8218. Because if you do, you'll be watching "The Great Mouse Detective"."

Cholena: "It is I, Princess Cholena. If you ever write about me marrying Mickey or Pixie, you will no longer watch the "Batman" films. I love Fievel!"

Fievel: "Hi. My name is Fievel Mousekewitz. You know well that Mary should NOT marry Johnny. Why? Because they are sister and brother, and sisters can't marry brothers! That's messed up!"

Fifi la Fume: "My name is Fifi la Fume. I am sick of you making stories about Sawyer slapping Danny."

Prince Oliver: "I am Prince Oliver. Don't you dare think about making grounded stories out of me. I am a good person. I'm not a troublemaker like you fools think!"

Danny Darling: "My name is Danny Darling. You make me sick being forced to do sisters marrying brothers."

Gadget: "I am Gadget Hackwrench. You know that Skunkette should not marry Skunk."

Elsa: "I am Elsa. If I catch you doing sisters marrying brothers, you will watch the YouTube Psycho Dad series."

Jack Frost: "My name is Jack Frost. Do you think it's funny when Minnie slapped Mickey? No it's not! It's terrible and inaccurate!"

Prince Oliver: "If Bubbles8218 ever hears you insulting 761954 again, you will go to jail!"

Olivia: "First punishment, I will change your voice to Kenny!"

BlueKraid: (now speaking in Kenny voice) Please no! Change my voice back to normal! Please!

Olivia: "Forget it, BlueKraid. You actually deserve it."

Kilala: "Second punishment, I will spank you."

[BlueKraid becomes angry]

BlueKraid: "You better not spank me!"

Kilala: "I don't care if your butt will burn, you little brat! You actually deserve it!"

[A censor block appears, blocking the action of spanking BlueKraid]

Kairi: "Third punishment, we will shrink you to the size of a rat!"

BlueKraid: (while shrinking to the size of a rat) "Help! I'm shrinking!"

Kairi: "There! You are now shrunk to the size of a rat."

Alice: "Fourth punishment, you will only wear diapers!"

[BlueKraid becomes angry again]

BlueKraid: "You fools better not put any nappies on me!"

Alice: "Yeah? Try me."

[Another censor block appears, blocking the action of placing a diaper, a bright red bonnet, and bright red pajamas on BlueKraid]

BlueKraid: "Ouch! That diaper, that bright red bonnet, and these bright red pajamas hurt!"

Alice: "Sorry, BlueKraid! Anyway, your diaper is on! Now you will go pee-pee and poopy in your diaper instead of the toilet!"

Wendy: "There will be no Snagglepuss, no Huckleberry Hound, no Hong Kong Phooey, no Teen Titans Go, no Ed Edd and Eddy, no Powerpuff Girls, no Dexter's Laboratory, no Yogi Bear, no Batman Classic, no Old MacDonald's Sing-Along Farm, no Top Cat, no Professor Iris, no The Cisco Kid, no Batman The Movie, no Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories, no Card Sharks, no Match Game, no Josie and the Pussycats, no Jabberjaw, no Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, no Bananas in Pajamas, no Press Your Luck, no Whammy The All New Press Your Luck, and no more anything."

Jillian1234: "There will also be no Mcdonald's, no Burger King, no Wendy's, no Subway, no Hardee's, no Fazoli's, no Dairy Queen, no KFC and no Johnny Rockets, as well."

Amy: "The only things you will eat and drink are grape nuts, prunes, raw eggs, swiss cheese, urine, poop, vomit, chicken feet soup, rat burgers, horse fur, toilet water, bath water, and baby food."

BlueKraid: "Yuck! I do not wanna eat and drink grape nuts, prunes, raw eggs, swiss cheese, urine, poop, vomit, chicken feet soup, rat burgers, horse fur, toilet water, bath water, and baby food."

Amy: "We do not care, BlueKraid. They are the only things that you will eat and drink."

Rapunzel: "The only films you will be forced to watch are Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, The Rescuers, Vuk the Little Fox, The Secret of NIMH, The Black Cauldron, The Great Mouse Detective, An American Tail, The Land Before Time Movies, Babar The Movie, Willy the Sparrow, Scamper the Penguin, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Rescuers Down Under, In Your Wildest Dreams, The Buttercream Gang,  Oliver and Company, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, A Troll in Central Park, Anastasia, Bartok the Magnificent, The Velveteen Rabbit, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Road to El Dorado, Winnie the Pooh Wonderful Word Adventure, Winnie the Pooh ABCs, and Winnie the Pooh 123s."

David: "The only television shows you will be forced to watch are Happy Days, Step by Step, Family Matters, Teen Win Lose or Draw, Sonic X, The New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, The Book of Pooh, Have Gun Will Travel, The Rebel, Pokémon, Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, The Big Bang Theory, Pablo the Little Red Fox, Kilala Princess, Skunk Fu, Amazing World of Gumball, Babar, Playschool, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, Mystery Hunters, Spider-Man Classic, Amazing Animals, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child, The Magic School Bus, Sesame Street, and The Land Before Time TV series."

761954: "The only video games you will be forced to play are Spyro the Dragon, Ripto's Rage, Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, The Wrath of Cortex, Donkey Kong 64, Super Smash Bros, and Super Smash Bros Melee."

Wakko: "The only CD roms you will be forced to play are Jumpstart Advanced, Jumpstart Learning Games, Jumpstart Deluxe, Bob The Builder Bob Builds A Park, Fisher Price Ready For School, Davidson's Learning Center, Leap Into Nursery Rhymes, Leap Into Phonics, Amazing Animals Activity Center, Tuneland, and Fisher Price Read and Play."

Johnny: "The only singers you will be forced to listen to are Justin Bieber, Cyndi Lauper, Pink, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Green Day, Midnight Red, Havana Brown, Tegan and Sara, The Jonas Brothers, Jennifer Lopez, Kesha, One Direction, Joan Jett and the Black Harts, Coldplay, Bruce and the Robin Rockers, and the Monkees."

Julidizor2016: "And you will not participate at the Make Your Mark dance off, either."

Danny: "That is right! Only Baba Looey, Shag, Mary, Pixie, Dixie, Ding A Ling, Gumball, Darwin, and I will participate at the Make Your Mark dance off."

Bubbles8218: "If you make a marrying story out of Mary and Johnny, I will make a hanging story out of you."

Anna: "You will also sleep in a crib instead of your pillow, bed, and blanket. You will receive a wake-up call every morning."

Nick: "And also, if you make a grounded story out of 761954, then you will be sent to the Netherworld and Satan will burn you."

Judy: "If you make a rant about The Land Before Time, then I will force you to listen to The Land Before Time Theme by James Horner."

Doc: "Don't you dare make a rant about Spider-Man Classic, and if you do, then guess what? I will call Cartoon Network and tell them to cancel Snagglepuss."

Judy: "And I will not buy you Hong Kong Phooey DVDs you want."

Dot: "And also, you will never get to see your Huckleberry Hound DVDs."

Johnny: "And now, you will be forced to watch Amazing Animals Nighttime Animals."

BlueKraid: "Please no! You are gonna ruin it!"

Johnny: "I don't care! I will put it on, and you have to watch it!"

[BlueKraid is pushed and forced onto the floor and he plops his bottom on the floor, and the Amazing Animals intro plays.]

[Thirty minutes later.]

Nick: "Now we are going to send you to the Netherworld."

(Nick points at BlueKraid, and she is sent to the Netherworld)

BlueKraid: "What is this place? It looks scary."

[Satan arrives]

Satan: "Hey BlueKraid. Guess what? I have come to burn you in flames!"

BlueKraid: "Please no, Goro! Please do not burn me in flames!"

Satan: "It's too late. This is the end for you, BlueKraid. Goodbye forever and good riddance."

[Satan burns BlueKraid in flames, and she is killed.]

Satan: "Yes! BlueKraid is gone!"

(Meanwhile, back at Bubbles8218's home)

Rapunzel: "Now that BlueKraid is gone, let's celebrate with a party."

761954: "That's a great idea."

Sora: "Baba Looey, because you helped us get rid of BlueKraid , I earned a special award for you."

Baba Looey: "What is it, Sora?"

Sora: "It's Mystery Hunters The Complete Series on DVD."

Baba Looey: "Yes! I got Mystery Hunters The Complete Series on DVD. Thank you Sora."

Sora: "You are welcome, Baba Looey."

Merida: "And Nick, I have an award for you."

Nick: "What is it, Merida?"

Merida: "You get The Rebel The Complete Series on DVD."

Nick: "All right! I like The Rebel!"

Baba Looey: "Now that I have Mystery Hunters The Complete Series on DVD and and that Nick has The Rebel The Complete Series on DVD, let's watch them."

Jimmy: "That's a great idea Baba Looey."

[The end.]

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