One evening, Alice Liddell was crying in her bed when she got home because she had a heated fight with her biggest bully, Hamish Paulson. Arthur Pendragon saw the situation unfold, so he decided to speak to her.

Arthur walked up to Alice and said, "Alice, you look sad. What's the matter? Why are you crying?" "Oh, Arthur, Hamish Paulson is so mean!" Alice sobbed. "Why? What has he done wrong?" Alice looked at Arthur with tears in her eyes. "You want to know? I'll tell you." Alice sniffled. "He often pushed me hard and called me horrible names. It was harassing and cruel to deal with."

Arthur sighed and said apologetically, "Alice, none of this was your fault. It was Paulson. He hurt your feelings and pushed you too hard. Lester Jessup does this to me often too, the way Ector and Kay pick on Bors. I will be there to protect you from him and confront him in a serious way. I promise." Alice sniffled and said to Arthur, "Oh, Arthur, thank you." Arthur's eyes shone with tears. back and replied, "You too, Alice... always."

Arthur's voice broke and they shared a passionate hug. The act of comforting a friend.

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