One fine evening, Proteus, Snow White, Amy Rose, Miles "Tails" Prower and Charmy Bee were having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

The waiter placed their meals in front of them - macaroni and cheese for Proteus, grilled chicken for Giselle, burgers and fries for Amy, scrambled eggs for Tails and griddle cakes for Charmy. "Mmmmm!" Proteus said, looks good!"

Amy was ready to dig into her supper, and she did. It was delicious. Amy smiled at Proteus and Giselle as she munched away on her burgers and fries. "I love burgers and fries!" She said. "They're yummy!"

"I am glad you like them." Giselle said.

"That's my girl!" said Proteus, rubbing her head.

"Oh, Amy, I am so proud of you." said Giselle. "Thank you, Mom!" Amy replied.

After they were finished with their dinner, they went home. Cosmo the Plant, Cream the Rabbit and Rouge the Bat were babysitting Anne Marie and her brother Boo Boo Bear.

"Back so soon?" Cosmo asked.

"Did you have a good time?" Cream asked.

"How did it go?" asked Rogue.

Tails began telling Cosmo, Cream, and Rogue about how good Amy did. "Amy ate her burgers and fries. She said they were yummy! Everyone looked at us."

"They were?" Amy asked. "That's right, Amy." Proteus replied. "Dad, I knew this was going to go well." Amy said.

Anne Marie was jealous of Amy's well behavior. "Amy, you are so lucky." Boo Boo bumped her elbow. "Anne Marie, don't mess with her. She did well."

"Thank you, Boo Boo." said Amy. "Dad, can I go to Aunt Cosmo, Aunt Cream, and Aunt Rogue's house tomorrow night with Tails and Charmy?" Amy asked.

"Yes, Amy." Proteus said. "YAY!!" They then went to their rooms.

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