One night, Alice Liddell, Cody, Edmond, Sinbad, and Cinderella were eating dinner in the dining room. They were having her favorite meal - food from Cumin India!

Alice smiled as she munched away on her chicken pakora, shrimp biryani and tomato soup. "I love Indian food! It's delicious!" she said.

"That's my girl!" Sinbad said, patting his daughter on the back.

"Where did you buy this, mother?" Alice asked.

"Well, my dear," said Cinderella. "your father actually picked up the food from Cumin India."

"This is good Indian food." Alice said.

"I'm glad you like it." Cinderella smiled.

"Because we're going to have cheesecake for dessert afterwards." Sinbad added.

"I hope it's the strawberry kind!" Cody said.

"Topped with whipped cream and strawberries!" Edmond agreed.

After everyone was finished with their dinner, Cinderella served Alice, Cody, Edmond, and Sinbad strawberry cheesecake topped with whipped cream and strawberries. After dessert, Sinbad and Cinderella were so proud of Alice. Alice didn't get in any trouble with her mother and father. She was rewarded. They let her go to the park with her friends. Alice was so happy. She hugged and kissed Sinbad and Cinderella and told them, "You two are the best parents a girl can ever have!" She then ran to her room where her little kitten Dinah was sitting on her bed, waiting for her.

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